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Dec 19, 2012

If you like charm, you’re gonna love this week’s edition of Matt & Brendan. The fellas are laying it on thick like fondue cheese or crème liqueur. M&B failed to see the charm, however, in Hobbit jokesters and 90 days rules. You can get your all

Dec 12, 2012

“No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly.” – General Zod, Superman II. But when the stakes are great, strong men will do what they must to save lives…or the lives of parties. Matt & Brendan are soldiers of this cause. M&B also that is

Dec 5, 2012

Matt & Brendan get lost in a sea of memories, dreams and hypotheticals on today’s show. A road trip past is recalled…one on which M&B lost one another in the figurative sense. If you found yourself on the precipice of seismic activity, would you a

Nov 28, 2012

Today’s Matt & Brendan show is brought to you by the letter “B”. B stands for B96, which inspired a topical musical conversation between M&B. B also stands for Bros.- Ringling Bros, to be exact. Matt’s circus experience was something to B stands for

Nov 21, 2012

Matt & Brendan count blessings on their Thanksgiving week show. Things they’re thankful for include: • Day-drinking • book trilogies • 5 boroughs • MTV’s “Catfish” • Dress-up days • Arcades • Coat hooks • Railroad safety • Fine wine • Bar